Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Online BP Certification Program?

Red Points’ Online Brand Protection Certification Program is a free online training course that covers the fundamentals of online brand protection. This includes an understanding of the most common risks brands encounter in the online world, as well as the most susceptible channels to the sale of counterfeits.

Why get certified?

Become an expert in online brand protection by getting insights on the latest global counterfeiting trends and online brand protection strategies and by learning, through real-life examples, the best practices, and IPR enforcement tools.

Who should get certified?

IP professionals looking to expand their knowledge in this area, as well as those who are entering the world of IP and seek a solid foundation on the subject. This certification will not only provide relevant information regarding online brand protection but will allow you to consolidate as an expert on the subject.

How is this course taught?

This certification program consists of a 6 module course divided into 12 different lessons. Each session will provide you with a set of videos, as well as additional resources including presentations and short quizzes to test your knowledge. When you are ready, you can take the final exam and become officially certified.

What do I get after I pass?

Besides the great knowledge and insights on brand protection, you will receive a personalized online brand protection certificate.